XPEL Paint Protection Film- Everything You Need to Know

XPEL Paint Protection Film is a clear, elastomeric polyurethane film that protects your vehicle from environmental damage such as stone chips and small scratches while also improving the performance of your automotive paint.

Virtually Invisible Benefits of XPEL Paint Protection Film

When you install a paint protection product on your vehicle, the last thing you want is for it to be painfully obvious that you did so – especially if you’re attempting to maintain the beauty of your vehicle. Many other paint protection layers add unwelcome roughness (sometimes known as “orange peel” surface). In both gloss and matte finishes, XPEL Paint Protection Film blends in seamlessly with factory and custom paint finishes, making it nearly impossible to tell where the film has been applied.

Long-Lasting Protection

The hydrophobic clear coat layer on XPEL Paint Protection Film delivers outstanding water repellency and increases the durability of your vehicle’s exterior. XPEL Australia additional protection helps to keep your vehicle looking new by protecting it against paint scratches and damage caused by road hazards like pebbles and debris. Scratches and dings can diminish your paint’s attractive sheen over time, making it more vulnerable to further damage.

Self-healing Technology is a type of technology that allows you to heal yourself.

In 2011, XPEL introduced the world’s first self-healing paint protection film. Light scratches and swirl marks can be “healed” with a simple and light heat application thanks to the elastomeric polyurethane coating.

Resistance to Stains

Bug acids, bird droppings, oils, UV rays, and asphalt all have the potential to discolor and damage an exposed vehicle. You can assure that the color of your car’s paint will remain vibrant and true by using XPEL’s non-yellowing paint protection film.

Edge Seal Technology is a proprietary product.

Simply, XPEL Paint Protection Film is made to adhere to your vehicle and remain there. Edge Seal technology ensures that your paint protection investment will not lift or delaminate, protecting your car’s surfaces from pollutants.

Access to Design Program

With over 80,000 car patterns available, the Design Access Program (DAP) offers a comprehensive design repository. This means your vehicle may be wrapped precisely and efficiently, safeguarding it in style and precision. Each pre-set pattern is also specifically edited at XPEL to ensure optimum surface coverage and accurate protection for your car.

Warranty Protection

Adding paint protection to your car is unquestionably a large investment. A complete warranty is included with all XPEL paint protection products. This is the industry’s longest warranty, ensuring that your automobile will not only look excellent but will also be protected for many years. Yellowing, discoloration, peeling, cracking, and haze are all covered under the warranty. If the product fails to meet the manufacturers specifications, our XPEL factory qualified paint protection film technicians will either repair or replace it, guaranteeing that your investment is protected.


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