Home Preparation Guidelines for Smooth and Quick DIY Flooring Installation

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New flooring installation project planning is exciting, but needs sufficient preparations to progress smoothly and quickly. The flooring installation needs a lot of activities that need proper handling. It doesn’t matter, if you are DIY installing hardwood, vinyl, or laminate floating floor, you have to keep the surroundings tidy. 

Guidelines to prepare home for DIY flooring installation

Determine if new floors will cause an increase in floor height

If you chose flooring options like hardwood then it can automatically result in a floor height increase. You will need baseboard and trim removal along with door adjustments so they function smoothly with the new flooring level.

Clear the area for installation

It is essential to –

  • Disconnect electronics and appliances.
  • Remove everything from the walls and floors.
  • Clean existing floors
  • Move every piece of furniture including huge items like pianos, exercise equipment, or pool tables.
  • Cover existing items in the house to ensure they stay clean and unharmed.

Everything ranging from beds and curtains to aquariums and wall art must be removed before starting the floor installation process. 

Ensure pets safety

Make sure that your pets are in an enclosure, so they don’t intrude on you during the floor installation activity. Besides, the dust spreading while working on old floors can harm the pets. So, it is essential to limit pets in a secure place before commencing the floor installation activities.

Keep kids away

Kids are inquisitive and can hurt themselves, so it is wise to have a babysitter during the flooring installation process. You can even drop the kids off with your family or friends for the day. 

Create a designated work zone

Create a working space to keep tools and prepare flooring materials like resizing and trimming. Besides, the area must not be far away from the new flooring area. Ensure there is no obstacle between the new flooring space and the work zone. An empty driveway is a great zone.

Even create a space for waste material disposal from a floor installation. There have to be sufficient garbage bins to hold waste generated from flooring installation activities. Call the garbage Removal Company before the project starts and inform them. 


Ventilating the room with fresh air seems a minor step but it is crucial to be prepared. Keep the room where the new floors will be installed well ventilated during as well as 72 hours after the installation process. Keep windows open, switch on fans as well as bring heavy-duty fans to quicken the floor drying and settling process. 

Close other rooms

New floor installation is a messy process. Close the other rooms that are not included in the project. It protects those spaces from dust. Mask the doors with masking tape. Hardwood floor installation is messy because there is plenty of sawdust that can fly and land in the next room from the bottom of the door. 

Be prepared for surprises

There can be unforeseeable setbacks. For example, if you are working near the bathroom or kitchen, old plumbing lines can get damaged during the floor installation causing a leak. Ensure to have a plumbers contact number handy. Prepare for setbacks right from the start!

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