How to Improve Your Personal Injury Claim after an Accident?

Accidents happen to everyone at any moment. Knowing what to immediately do following a car accident or other personal injury incident can make a big difference in your ability to file a successful claim. Not only is it important for your health and security, but also to improve your legal situation. We will discuss the important steps to take immediately after an accident, to help strengthen your personal injury claim.

1. Report the Accident

Reporting an accident depends on the type. If you are involved in a car accident, call the police and fill out an accident report. If you fall off someone else’s premises, notify the manager or property owner. Reporting an accident helps to create an official record. This can be very valuable when filing for compensation.

2. The scene of the crime should be documented

When it’s safe, you can gather evidence at the accident scene. Photograph or film the accident scene and your injuries. Also, document any property damages. These visual recordings can prove vital in supporting your claim.

3. Gather Witness Information

Collect their names and phone numbers if they were present at the accident. Witnesses may be able to corroborate the story you tell and offer valuable testimony. Their testimony can strengthen your claim.

4. Don’t Admit Fault

Avoid making statements to anyone that could be misconstrued as an admission to fault. Be sure to stick to the facts and give a detailed account of what happened. Let the investigation establish fault.

5. Keep detailed records

Record everything that is related to the accident. This includes receipts for medication, medical bills, and any other expenses you incur due to your injuries. In addition, you should keep a daily journal that documents your pain and suffering.

6. Consult with an Attorney

A personal accident attorney can be a good choice if you contact them early in your case. An experienced attorney is able to provide you with valuable advice, ensure your rights are protected, and ensure you make the necessary steps in order to strengthen your claims. 

7. Your Insurance Company must be notified

Notify your auto insurance company of the incident if you are involved in an accident involving a car. Talking about the details without consulting your lawyer is not a good idea. Insurance companies could use your statement against you. It is therefore important to hire legal counsel.

8. Conserve evidence

Keep any evidence of your accident. This means preserving damaged property such as damaged clothing or vehicles in their original condition. Do not discard or repair damaged items without consulting with an attorney.

9. Take Medical Advice

The advice given by your doctor is vital for healing and treatment. In some cases, your claim may be weakened if you do not follow medical advice. Attend your scheduled appointments and maintain records of treatment.

10. Document Lost Wages, Income and Earnings

Keep track of the days you were unable to work as well as any income lost. This documentation will be useful in calculating your economic damages.

11. Take Care with Social Media

Be conscious of your social networking activity. Insurance companies as well as opposing attorneys monitor the social media accounts of claimants for any information that can weaken a claim. Avoid posting any photos or comments on social media that could be misinterpreted.

12. Communication with Your Attorney

All communication regarding your claim will be handled by your attorney. You can avoid making statements that might harm your case. Your attorney can handle the negotiations and settlement talks with the opposing party.

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